Comic for 06 January 2022

16 January 2022:

Hello again! Big news: I’ve archived all of the minicomics that ran on Twitter, Tumblr and Discord during 2020-2021 on the main website, so they can be revisited in a better format than “an archive of social media posts”. If you haven’t seen them before, now’s a perfect time to check out a hundred new pieces of canon Dead Winter lore!

You can find them at the bottom of the archive here: or start from the beginning here: Join the Discord and tell us which is your favorite!

Thank you for your patience during this update!

14 January 2022:

Hello! I don’t think I’ve posted a news post on the site in a minute so I hope the RSS pings still work.  Anyways, I just wanted to post a notice that this weekend I’m planning to add 100 new strips to the comic archive.  These will be the minicomics that ran on social media platforms during the 2020-2021 pandemic quarantine, so if you haven’t seen those yet they will be one hundred new bits of Dead Winter lore for you to enjoy.  I wanted to post this advisory just in case the site pings RSS every time I add one to the archive system, since there will be 100 of them, if you have a feed that pings with updates then all the pings this weekend are not an error, they’re just a one-time thing.  Thank you! 

Also:  come join the discord through the link on the comic site menu and say hi to the community!  I’ll post another notice once the upload is complete.

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